Postage stamps and postal history of Sri Lanka

This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka, known as Ceylon before 22 May 1972, is an island country in South Asia, located about 31km off the southern coast of India. After over two thousand years of rule by local kingdoms, parts of Sri Lanka were colonized by Portugal and the Netherlands beginning in the 16th century, before control of the entire country passed to Britain around 1796. A nationalist political movement arose in the country in the early 20th century with the aim of obtaining political independence, which was eventually granted by the British after peaceful negotiations in 1948.Contents [hide]1First stamp2Stamps of Sri Lanka3See also4References // [edit]First stamps The first stamps for Ceylon were issued on 1 April 1857.[1][edit]Stamps of Sri Lanka The first stamps marked Sri Lanka were issued on 22 May 1972.[1]edit]See alsoList of people on stamps of Sri Lanka[edit]References^ abRossiter, Stuart & John Flower. The Stamp Atlas. London: Macdonald, 1986, p.239. ISBN 0356108627